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PCP: Telltale

Fun Fridayz #13 – Fretting Fun

Telltale’s Game of Groans

So yeah, new Game of Thrones.

I’m not going to play Telltale’s Game of Thrones. 











PCP: Ed Sheeran, Mostly

Monotony Monday #13 – More Morghulis

Game of Thrones‘ Mildly Musical Mistake?

The short of it: Ed Sheeran was fine. Spoilers.

So yeah, new Game of Thrones finally. It’s so exciting, getting to see all the characters we’ve grown to love and hate, seeing old storylines pick up and new ones grow. I’ve got an insane crush on Jon Snuuuu, so I was dying to see his side of the story. But I don’t care about him or any other character anymore. One side character stole the entire show for me, one character that’s become so pivotal and important.

Of course it’s that one redhead Lannister soldier that sang a few lines and said, “Worst place in the world.” In his forty seconds of screen time, everything changed.

No wait, it didn’t. It was just Ed Sheeran playing a young, homesick soldier with a nice singing voice. Much like every single actor ever, it was a person playing a part, and his effort was suffice. I’m not a big fan of his music, but I loved hearing him singing some tavern tune over a fire in an otherwise lonely forest.

It fit what the scene needed– a group of Arya’s supposed enemies remind her that not everyone under a banner is the same. Even for someone as hardened as Arya, it’s undeniable that young people need to be around folks their own age sometimes. She’s spent little time with anyone that’s even close to her in age in months, and she’s spent even less time with people with even a hint of friendliness.

I made the mistake of looking at Twitter when I woke up. There’s the delightful split of the smarmy snark and the odious outrage. Both sides suck.

Apparently if it can’t be expressed in a tweet that barely meets the definition of joke, the only option is to blast anger and emojis. I don’t even want to link those.

The closest I can get to an explanation is the fact that, “Actors are the blank canvas, Ed Sheeran was playing himself!”

With the red leather armor he’s famous for, at the camp of Lannister soldiers, in the perfect place to make Arya’s complete murder of people she considered enemies because of their banner seem like a betrayal of her family’s values.

Classic Ed.