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PCP: The Glass Cannon Podcast

Monotony Monday #6 – Mindful Maladies

The Glass Cannon Podcast: An Explosively Good Time

The short of it: Familiarity between both the players and the players and the general rules cements this podcast as a hallmark of quality play. From episode one to one hundred*, the show boasts the most consistent quality and content of any I’ve listened to so far.

*I’m only on episode 23, but I’m willing to bet it stays true.

What, another RPG podcast? Isn’t this getting tired and repetitive?

First off, nah, this stuff is still dope, especially since I haven’t been able to get IRL tabletop time in.

Second off, the GCP guys play Pathfinder. It’s totally different from Film Reroll’s GURPS and so completely 100 percent different from DND.

The reality of it is that the GCP’s game is somehow the most rule-centric but most free. The players knowledge of the game, ranging from vague to frighteningly specific, allows them to move forward in every weird situation. Of course, dealing with weird player choices is typical of even the most noob of RPGs. What makes the GCP so special is how every player operates appropriately– sliding between the legs of a massive rc one minute, gently retreating the next. It’s honestly how a game should be played.

Basically, the Glass Cannon is true to its name (but not in fragility). It’s amazingly smooth, but it’s constantly packed with gunpowder (sulfur more like sulFUN).

The player monologues before each episode are genuinely welcoming bits of advice and personal stories for new players. However, they don’t structure themselves as a tutorial or a introduction to RPGs. Instead, they occasionally drop some helpful tips or an explanation of more complicated rules when it fits. One of the players’ unfamiliarity with Pathfinder makes these explanations natural and appropriate.

The humor in the show is pretty par for the course (that course being RPGs with buddies). Riffs range from players’ word flubs to the ludicrousness of their situation to the often misplaced sound effect amidst their brutal battles.

Those battles, despite often having a goofy sound or two, are far more real and realized than any of the other podcasts. As it gets explained in episode 22, a true threat to player characters that are worth an emotional investment makes games so much more than a roll of the dice. It’s a tension that can’t be found in Settlers of Catan or any other tabletop experience. It’s life on the line– it’s a character birthed from a bit of the player’s soul and subconscious.

The true glass cannon is the characters that slowly merge with their players– their power lies in their teamwork and camaraderie, as well as their slowly increasing powers and abilities. But with one bad roll, they can be flung into their tomb. And that’s what makes this podcast so much more genuine and fascinating than other shows.

It’s deadly to free time. Get ready to blast off.