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PCP: Berserk 2017

Watching Wednesday #26 – No.

Don’t even watch this. Even just five seconds is too much. It’s officially 2SPOOKY.

Note: I’m currently working overnights/quitting my job, so posting will be sporadic. Hurray!

PCP: Berserk Pt. 2

Watching Wednesday #17 – Welcome Weeb

Back On My Berserk

Sir Yes ‘Serk

The short of it: Yeah, Berserk is still dope.

Alright, this might be double-dipping, but I don’t care.

Berserk is insane. Insanely good, dark, funny, heart breaking.

I think one of the most under-talked-about (underrated is overrated) sensations is when something completely changes your mind about other things of its kind. In less awful terms, it’s super cool when a genre or medium you’ve previously ignored or rejected becomes open to you thanks to a single piece of content.

I’d written off manga long ago. Anime’s easier to consume, cheaper, and it moves! Reading is for nerds. I’ve never felt really dissatisfied with any manga-based anime I’ve watched.

But there was always Berserk. This behemoth in nerd pop culture that could never be properly captured in any other format. Its designs and characters fascinated me, and I’m a sucker for nonsensically large weapons. The strange occult roots of the story, mixed with the grit and gore, means I couldn’t resist the legend for long. So when it went up for $8 a volume, I nabbed three or four.

I just got my second shipment of seven more volumes.

Sure, I liked the first few chapters. But something just clicked once the series started to flashback to Guts’ life before the Brand. For how infamous the series is for its inhumanity, the scenes of Guts’ relationships and heartbreaks are so human. They’re genuinely touching. I was actually standing up and cheering as I flipped page after page of brutal battles.

Knowing the final destination of the series makes the ramp up to it feel that much steeper. Every panel sheds a little more light on the mystery and injects a little more adrenaline into the reader. It’s got me going berserk.


PCP: Berserk, Vol. 1

Watching Wednesday #15 – Weeawoo

I Bes in the Zerk

The short of it: As striking as it is brutal (much like Guts), Berserk is a legend for a reason. Gorgeous depictions of terrifying tragedies make it hard to put down and harder to look away. 

Technically, you look at manga, which is close enough to watching. Whatever, it’s dope.

I’ve got this bad habit of comparisons, which, as a concept, are generally lazy. Thanks to the transitive property though, a revelation is revealed about this legendary series:

Berserk is Dark Souls.
Dark Souls is Berserk.
Catch-22 is Dark Souls.
Catch-22 is Berserk.

Alright, I’m not a math guy. There’s a reason I took algebra at a community college and there’s a reason I got a journalism degree and not one that involves non-data-driven numbers.

Alright, they’re the same reason. Maybe the writing skills I thought compensated for my lack of math ones aren’t quite as good as I thought.

The point is, I butchered that as bad as Guts butchers and is butchered. It’s too cruel too cool.

Note: Berserk’s occult cult status isn’t exaggerated. Knowing the story doesn’t spoil the ride or mystique. So far at least.