Game off

I’ve been pretty confident in my desire to involve myself with the world of games writing. Maybe not professionally, but it’s something that I’d consider a natural extension  of my favorite hobby.

But here’s the thing—and it’s not a new thing, I know—that keeps my ego in check.

New games come out. A lot.

That’s pretty dope. There aren’t any long periods of mediocre games or stretches of boredom with the current trends. There’s always a 10/10 game hidden behind an unfamiliar platform.

The problem, as minor of a problem as it is, is that this means that the Must Talk About Game of the Week changes, well, every week. The gaming audience’s attention, like the attention of every fanbase, is easily shifted and quick to jump ship to the next big thing. Like I said, this isn’t the worst thing in the world and really only affects a fairly small subdivision of the gaming population.

But let’s say I want to catch the wave for a quick pitch or something I can call “trending-able.” Right now, it’s Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. A few days ago, it was The Division 2. In a few more days (and weeks), it’ll be Mortal Kombat 11 or Rage 2. And surprise, they all seem dope. And they’re all also going to major contenders for the spotlight. And they all cost money.

Every new release is another question about whether or not it’s worth dropping another $60 to be up to date on the most popular/easily promotable game. It’s absolutely worth it worth it, sure, $60 is an amazing value for these well-crafted experiences, but it doesn’t make the financial struggle feel any better. And there’s not really any solid answer here, other than making more money, I guess.

I’d be lying if I said this post isn’t mostly about Sekiro. I absolutely adore FromSoftware, and even after Platinum-ing Bloodborne a few weeks ago, I’m still desperately itching for that fast-paced fighting and atmospheric amazement.

It’ll still be an incredible game when I eventually pick it up, yeah, but let’s hope I can keep any spoilers alive in the shadows until then.


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