PCP: Mount Eerie

Monotony Monday #22 – Morose Mt.

Climb This Mount of Heartbreak

The short of it: Painful and passionate, this project brings the listener into the fog of grief only loss can bring.

Mount Eerie, a musical project of Phil Elverum of The Microphones fame, shouldn’t work. But it does, and it works in the most haunting of ways.

There’s Between Two Mysteries, a Twin Peaks inspired project that delights in the synth-heavy atmosphere of the show’s incomparable soundtrack.

The other releases tend toward these atmospheric instrumentals with Elverum’s stripped voice treading along with it. Every song sounds kind of like it’s being played in a dark, empty house. And to be fair, it kind of is.

A Crow Looked at Me, the latest album, is a chronicle of Elverum’s final moments with his cancer-striken wife and his attempts to cope with her loss. It’s just beautifully brutal. The first track might just be the worst though.

It’d be a disservice to describe this one.

“Toothbrush / Trash” is just his struggle to take out the trash, filled with the blood spattered tissues of her final days, in their bathroom.

Other tracks document his conversations with his daughter, explaining the resting place of her mother. Others tell of his collapse when he’s confronted with other memories of his wife. All of these tracks tell of pain.




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