PCP: Weirdo

Watching Wednesday #21 – Weirdo Wonder


The short of it: It’s early Donald showing off how versatile and delightful this now award-winning Renaissance man is. 

It’s been fun watching Donald Glover’s career evolve along with his talents. His original start in the Derrick Comedy videos was a great piece of early YouTube history. Musically, his transition from mcdj to Childish Gambino marked a bold step forward for his creative output. His writing on 30 Rock was even better than his occasional cameos (“Who told?”), and, of course, his work on Community was one of the highest points of the show’s original run. This is right around when this special came out, after Glover established himself behind the scenes but before the world really embraced him as a creative force.

This special is a Glover frozen in time– it’s a more raw form of him doing what he thinks is expected of him. It’s just a friendly hop away from the Community jokes, despite his warning at the beginning of the show. That isn’t to say this is worse than his later stuff, but it’s just a nice time capsule packed with jokes.

On an unrelated note, I’m not sure what to think of this uploader’s description:

Can someone use your emotions to blackmail you into doing something. Anyway I wouldn’t know. Enjoy!!
Well, thanks anyway Willard.

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