PCP: My Favorite Murder

Monotony Monday #18 – Moyder Myunday

Murder Most Lol

The short of it: As entertaining as it is macabre, My Favorite Murder is the perfect combination of laughter and looks over the shoulder.

My Favorite Murder is a podcast where two people talk about their favorite murders.

Not ones they’ve committed or anything– the local or legendary murders that horrify and fascinate us as a society. Hosts Karen and Georgia publicly embrace the terrible interest we have in the darkest parts of humanity.

It scratches that itch that you get when it’s late and you’re alone, with your laptop’s glow as the only light in your home as you painstakingly scroll through the excessively detailed Wikipedia page on some serial killer or cannibal or serial killer cannibal. This terrible fascination overcomes you, leaving you tied up in horrible taboo like a victim of a home invasion.

Karen and Georgia are the angels (or demons or hallucinations that encourage murder, whatever works) on your shoulders as they reveal various murders and monstrous acts, punctuating gruesome descriptions with gasps and squeals.

Of course, I’m in that beautiful podcast listening honeymoon phase where everything is beautiful and nothing hurts– except the recently added ad reads to their first couple of episodes. I listen to the podcast at max volume just to be able to fully hear the two women. I’ve yet to be as scared of any of the atrocities they’ve discussed as I am when I’m immersed in a story they’re telling when suddenly, mid-sentence, my eardrums shatter. “The victims reported hearing a gentle patter on their roof, just before th-HEYMURDERINOSDOYOULIKESNACKSNATUREBOX HERE!”

Apparently this gets better as the episodes go on and they get a sound guy, but I haven’t been this frustrated with poor audio mixing since Crit Juice, where I had to panic-lower the volume every couple of minutes. It’s murder on the mood, nerves, and ears. So not my favorite murder.


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