PCP: Watch_Dogs’ Spider Tank

Fun Fridayz #11 – Fight Fire with Freaky

Spider Tank, Spider Tank, Does Whatever a Spider Tank Does

The short of it: In a somewhat dark and real game world, this mode takes the reins off for explosive fun.

What, more on Watch_Dogs? Better call a watch dog because this seems suspiciously paid for!

Nah, I just really like this game. I barely get paid for my rent-paying job, which I’m surprisingly decent at, so getting a cent from this is hilarious.

Watch_Dogs has these kitschy mini games under the guise of “digital trips”– an earpiece emits a certain frequency that drops the user into completely believable hallucinations. These trips include leading a stealth-based resistance against robot overlords and driving a literal Hellsmobile.

All of these trips pale in comparison to the true trip.

Spider Tank.

The user is put in control of a tank that’s shaped like a spider, capable of crawling up buildings while firing a howitzer. Unlike the other trips, there’s no thin attempt at a story. It’s just, “Yo, here’s a spider tank. Destroy everything.”

There’s an upgrade wheel that offers typical things like a faster reload, stronger armor, and a power slam. However, none of these upgrades really feel like they’re drastically altering the gameplay because you’re already in a damn spider tank. The waves of cops and vehicles fall easily under the massive destructive force that is A DAMN SPIDER TANK . Oh, they’ve got some typical satellite weapon that’s about to destroy the city in an attempt to stop SPIDER TANK? Sounds like a job for SPIDER TANK.

Walk into this web.


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