PCP: Futurama’s Commentary

Watching Wednesday #11 – Winging Wins

Futurama’s Commentary: Futured Enjoyment

The short of it: The quick wit and deep info hidden in the DVDs provide a whole new dimension of delight.

Now that I’ve mostly finished my game of IRL Tetris (bonus unpacking levels are all that’s left), I’m left with a fairly normal apartment. Except I’ve been without Internet since I moved in and will optimistically get it later today.

The first night, I collapsed immediately and slept on the floor. The next night, I desperately searched for something to block out the sounds of an empty apartment and my upstairs neighbor’s sleep apnea. Not the DVD of The Godfather Pt. 2, since my cultural knowledge only covers about a third of the first one. Not the stack of blank CDs, since they’re blank. That left the already worn (shoutout Mediacom outages) Futurama Season Six DVD.
Since it has a few episodes I don’t like, I figured I’d slip on the commentary to tolerate the likes of Yo Leela Leela and Möbius Dick.

Billy West and John DiMaggio are the obvious and unsurprising stars. They shine in this commentary, even amongst the crowd of eight or nine writers/producers.

The producers aren’t exactly the nerds shoved into a corner though. David X. Cohen consistently brings up the little details that animators and writers lovingly slipped in to the show. Much like the Best Friends got me to appreciate the smaller details of games and design, the commentary really brings to light the care and effort put into every facet of the show. The slight transitions between 3D and 2D, the hidden background gags, and even the jokes on the forefront (“Clamps. CLAMPS!”) become magical.

Even when the commentary hits a snag, the meta commentary becomes hilarious. “Does Leela only have two eyelashes?” “She had three when we were on Fox.”

It’s a reminder that even in this future of streaming and cloud viewing, DVD editions of media hold an incredible amount of value.


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