PCP: IRL Tetris

Fun Fridayz #10 – Forget Filling

IRL Tetris: A Moving Experience

The short of it: There is no short of it. This is long and terrible. 

IRL Tetris, otherwise known as packing and moving, isn’t fun. It also doesn’t always happen on Fridayz.

I wanted to spin this as something satisfying, like optimizing the space in your car is actually gratifying.


It’s just painful and frustrating. For me, it’s also been expensive. I closed a back door for the first time in months, causing the window regulator, which controls the up/down of the window, to snap. The part alone is $150. I guess that’s just pay to play though.

The Shame Car-dom
Also it rained, because I apparently picked the hard difficulty.

The gameplay sucks. Wonky physics and inconsistent performance means every attempt is a crapshoot. Sometimes everything runs smoothly, things hold together, and blood remains in the body. Others, however, quickly devolve into nonsense. Things will randomly tip while at a a standstill. The largest blocks catch on cracks that aren’t there, meaning all of the unload level progress is stalled until the clipping issue is resolved.

Co-op helps with some of these issues, but it does require either micro transactions or guilt points. It’s tricky, seeing as how some levels seem to be soloable when they really require another player. With enough grinding, it’s probably fine alone, but that’s a lot of time for a game with a limited lifespan.

The worst part of it all? No catchy theme music. At least the blocks don’t disappear when they line up perfectly.



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