PCP: Two Best Friends Play Yakuza 4

Watching Wednesday #6 – Wallops and Weeaboos

Two Best Friends Play Yakuza 4: Yakkin’ Over Yakuzies

The short of it: This is one of my favorite playthroughs, period. It’s a great mix of the fantastic and frantic story of Yakuza 4 with the Best Friends’ humor and reactions. It’s easy to binge and easier to enjoy. 

Two Best Friends Play AKA Super Best Friends AKA TheSw1tcher isn’t to easy to dodge in discussions about top-tier Let’s Players. Their content is consistent in both timing and quality, with the contrasts between Matt and Pat often being the highlight of their videos. However, the Best Friends shine when they’re united in marveling at a game– either in admiration or anger. This playthrough is an example of the former.

Pat takes control of both the PC and the story, having already beaten the game. This turns out to be super helpful, since these games almost seem to pride themselves on the increasingly thin thread of sense that holds the story together.

Yakuza is unsurprisingly about the Japanese organized crime syndicate, though it’s less brutal criminal activity and more hyper dramatic and action filled soap opera. It’s about as gritty as Pat’s bald head.

It’s hard to nail down the peak of the series. Matt’s constant references to Face-Off resulting in Pat being both impressed and outraged. Pat’s joking attempts to disguise his previous save files. The constant pseudo twists and actual twists. The never ending hype fits over the sickest finishing moves.

I’m currently embroiled in their ongoing playthrough of Yakuza 0, the current gen prequel. It’s beautiful watching Pat’s first reactions to a seriesthat’s upping the absurdity for the fourth or fifth time in a row. More importantly, it reveals the true star of the series– the brilliant localization. Although I’m sure there’s valid arguments for literal translations, it’s just so much more satisfying seeing the absolutely fantastic translation, from the goofiest jokes to the most hear wrenching monologues.

Watching these two Canadians play through this absurdly Japanese game somehow provides this solid platform for enjoying this piece of art. They’ve gotten me to respect and admire the gall of the Yakuza series. Man, it’s gangsta.


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