PCP: SleepyCabin

Monotony Monday #3 – Might Not Make More

SleepyCabin: The Time for Sleep is Never

The short of it: A bunch of internet guys that find no topic off limits and no story too embarrassing. Although their language can be hurtful to some, they’re only bullying each other. Filled with outlandish scenarios that spiral out of control almost immediately, the show’s two season run is filled with enough humor to make it a nice vacation from reality.

Note: This podcast is pretty offensive, so I’m not going to advise listening if taboo topics and words make you uncomfortable. I personally disagree with some of the language these guys use, but I find listening worth it regardless.

Deep in an endless sea of trees, lies a cabin impossible to see yet unavoidable to sense.

And inside this cabin, there’s a bunch of dudes that just kinda shoot the shit.

So opens every episode of SleepyCabin’s SleepyCast. Featuring a changing cast made up of three or four out of seven decently famous web animators, the guys start a conversation that snowballs into something horrendously offense and tremendously funny. Battleblock Theater‘s Stamper, Newgrounds sergeant JohnnyUtah, parody extremist psychicpebbles, and animator-turned-letsplayer OneyNG are just a few of the stars, although each would probably prefer the title animator over anything else.

A podcast made up of a bunch of animators famous for their vulgar cartoons shouldn’t have this high of a production value. From the charmingly campy cabin-hidden-in-the-woods intro to the guys’ talents as voice actors, each episode is a pleasure to listen to; their audio levels are curated enough to make their hilarious screams enjoyable rather than painful. The gentle classical music in the background as the guys argue over whether or not having sex with a clone is gay or masturbation adds a certain charm to the vulgarity.

The most refreshing part about the podcast is the fact that all the guys are internet veterans, most of whom made their way up the ranks of Newgrounds before YouTube blew up. Maybe I’m just burnt out on web celebs, but the fact these guys trudged through the darkest corners of the internet is genuinely nice to hear. They’re able to talk about the things everyone does but are too uncomfortable or afraid to bring up, from shock sites to embarassing puberty stories.

Of course, their use of slurs and insults are often in bad taste– although the guys are comfortable with people of every kind and lampoon actual bigots, they’re more of the “intention is more important than historical context,” with language. Although they constantly call one another out for their opinions as straight white men, more often than not, they still end up arguing against lame straw men the rare times they address some controversy.

But, like a drunk relative at Thanksgiving, their moments of offensiveness are more far more humorous than damaging. Plus, the attacks are against each other rather than some minority.

Like a nice nap, though, the Cabin is brief. After roughly 50 episodes, the podcast ended, leaving about two days of absolute insanity worth checking out for a wink or two.

Listen: SleepyCabin





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