PCP: Titanfall 2

Fun Fridayz #1 – Go Go Fun Fun 

Titanfall 2: A Mech Made in Heaven

The short of it: Tight gameplay, brilliant design, and a campaign that does everything right make Titanfall 2 the most-improved-upon sequel since Assassin’s Creed 2. 

There’s a weird disparity between movie trailers and game trailers. Movie’s tend to give away too much, ruining key moments and otherwise exciting sequences; games often give too little of the final product. There’s the lackluster attempt to justify these never-going-to-actually-happen bits with, “Captured in-engine,” which just means that it’s possible to render that slow-mo bit.

Titanfall 2 is the first game in recent memory that’s managed to recreate and better those magical trailer moments. I managed to destroy a titan with a blast of thermite then detonate the pilot as they ejected into the sky.

But Titanfall 2 is worth a whole lot more than some slick kills in multiplayer. As much I’ve enjoyed my time with it (seriously, it’s crazy fun despite some lackluster maps) the campaign is the shining star here.

It’s a fairly standard trooper gets a battlefield promotion to the elite ranks story, gaining access to the AI/titan/robotic BFF BT-7274. It’s got its nice moments of emotion and humor, but the gameplay within the campaign is undeniably top-tier.

About three levels in, you’re on the run trying to escape a world-building factory, forcing you to suddently scale previously-horizontal levels that have become fully vertical. The world shifts entirely to the right as your use the sides of buildings as stepping stones. Then, the next level kicks off with another a timeshift dynamic that introduces Portal levels of warping around fun. There’s ultimate standoffs, desperate fights to gain ground against merciless mercenaries, titan tech battles where you cannibalize the weapon kits of the bosses you defeat, it’s a beautiful ride.

And then it ends. No level drags on, no bad cliffhanger to make you TF3. The campaign gives you time to try every weapon (each of which ultimately ends up fairly satisfying and usable for the entire level) and titan loadout (less balanced, more fun). It knows when to end, and damnit, it does it well.

Titanfall 2 is basically one of the new titans in the game. Sure, it lost a few customization options in the upgrade, but it’s got more than just a shiny new coat of paint. It’s got gears and guns that are oiled up and working perfectly. Prepare for Titanfall, because it’s been prepared amazingly.


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