Fear, not failure.

Stay your, stay your course young man

The greatest enemy is the mirror. The same face looking back, the same failures reflected in your genetic mashup. The fears that haunt you and the fears that ruin your dreams. Any musician or athlete will fall back to the familiar mantra of, “Forget the haters.” But the haters aren’t the problem. They never are. Imagined or real, your critics and enemies don’t steal your life or ruin your dreams. You do. The hardest fought battle isn’t against an army, it’s against your reluctance to achieve. It’s you.

There’s a light at the end of the tunnel that you’re digging

We all live in a pit. Whether that pit is weight, self-esteem, depression, fear, they’re all deep and dark. Rarely are they the things you blog or tweet about, or things you use to pander to the Facebook likers. Instead, it’s that notion you hide so deep, your best friend doesn’t know it exists. You might not recognize it, but it’ll always be in that reflection.

Angels carry you to land

You live alone. You die alone. You succeed alone, you fail alone. You can intertwine with your loved ones, but your core is too deep. The only companion in your pit is the darkness and the dirt. No matter how hard you look up, trying to see the edge of your pit, you will never see a ladder. You will never see a warm hand reaching down.

Past what you see, what you know, and where you living

This is the present though. Your pit can only control your future. It will drag up your past and ruin your present. But it will only change your future. You can try to climb out by looking down, but you’ll get a foot in the air before slipping back to where you were. The hardest place to look when you’re knuckle deep in dirt is up. When you first look up, there’s only blackness. When you look up an hour after trying to climb out, it’s still blackness. It’s easy, and arguably normal, to assume that it’s just darkness above you. Even when you get so high that there’s black below and above you, it’s easy to let go, give in to the idea that this darkness is home and all there is.

But maybe it isn’t. Weight gets heavier the higher you lift it. Resistance never gets easier. Cold never gets warmer. You don’t have to keep lifting or climbing. You can quit when your knuckles are bloody and body shivering.

I don’t know what happens if you don’t though. I don’t know what happens if you keep your neck craned up, your muscles pumping, your mind clear.

Let’s find out.




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