Frontin’ On ‘Em

So I made (I’m betting every post I make about my clips stars with so) the front page today. I wrote a pretty neat article about the predictions for fall leaves in the coming months. Honestly, it was kind of a nice little ego boost despite its meaninglessness in the grand scheme of things.

Here’s what I picked up:

  • Go with the stupid lead. Go with the joke lead. Just go with it. Face down the embarrassment of looking like an idiot.
  • Sometimes, you just gotta make do. I called nine counties/six people before I got my first source. I ended up getting another source from two counties away before I got a neighboring county source. It was ridiculous, but I ended up getting some crazy cool stuff from a last minute source.
  • Even when you just want to be done with something, make sure it’s okay and not get-the-hell-away okay.

It was really cool. I’m on to another similar, way more expansive story, so hopefully I can retain at least one of the things I learned from this. Hopefully.


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